On paper things look okay for women in Aotearoa New Zealand with any number of laws protecting their rights. Here you'll find some of the issues women have been discussing, the mouthpieces they've used and perhaps you'll start to get a better idea of why the 2017 World Economic Forum only ranked us ninth in the world for gender equality. Be prepared to be surprised, or angry, or heartbroken.

Data is power. The power to tell stories. The power to understand the world. Access to data can tell you about your place in the world, how you measure up, what's available to you and what's happening to you. Use the Figure.NZ website and the data sentence cards provided in your kit to help you progress through these tasks.

Use the Figure.NZ data cards below to explore the statistics around women in the field of medicine.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 4.17.46 PM.png

Task #1

Look at the Figure.NZ chart Surgeons (general) in New Zealand.

For each of the 16 regions shown, calculate the percentage of men and women who are surgeons.


Task #2

Using the data shown in the Figure.NZ chart Domestic students specialising in medical studies in New Zealand, calculate the total percentages of men and women enrolled as students in each age range.

Create two true statements and one false statement based on this data. Share with a partner and ask them to find the false statement.

A { 153 } B { 24 } C { 270 } D { 105 }